One Shovel-Full Away From Bliss

Have you ever been in a garden with a grumpy person? I’ve been a Gardener, Landscaper, Designer, Horticulturalist

Peony type Tulip 10" across!!!

Peony type Tulip 10" across!!!

and Plant Geek since I was very small. And in all of my time working in nurseries and with my private clients, I can tell you with certainty, that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to be a truly unhappy person in the garden.

Of course there are life’s little upsets in our gardens, small set-backs and unexpected events that will firmly re-establish where we are in the pecking order of Mother Nature’s plans. But, overall I have never met a person who wasn’t happier and dare I say, more grounded, by working in the garden.

Some of us, like myself make our living this way because we are, as I am, lost in any other environment. Like many people, I use gardening as a mental white wash of sorts. Others use it as a way to numb themselves from the daily grind. I respect ALL of those reasons and would encourage anyone to join those of us in communion with our beloved tools, gloves and favorite flowers.

I am fortunate enough to be able to witness the before and after effects of gardening with my clients. Those who are intimidated by the seemingly daunting task of renovating or creating a space they can enjoy are soon overtaken by the oneness they feel with what they have created afterward. No pills or potion can duplicate that high. That’s a fact that doctors worldwide have known for hundreds of years.

One of the highest and best aspects of being a Garden Coach to me, is giving people permission to “BE” in their gardens. You might be shocked at how many people are almost terrified of this. A conversation that I had with a younger fellow gardener brought this point up with me recently. She said that the pressure she felt of having to “know everything”, the way more experienced gardener’s do, took the fun out of it.

My take on this is so very different. There are not many activities left in the world where you can just dive right in and do it completely “wrong” and still have the most gratifying outcome! I spend so much of my time in just counseling clients on the fact that they don’t have to really know anything about gardening at all to enjoy being with it, to breath in the blissful unawareness of life’s problem’s and to learn in the church of nature.

If losing your job possibly looms over you, get out and dig. If your relationships are sour, go outside and listen to the birds. If you are frustrated with the body you have and wishing for the body you want, go outside and rake the lawn.If your home is not the magazine centerfold you dream it could be, put on your shoes and prune up a hedge. The feeling of bliss and harmony that is there waiting for you, is abundant and it will never, ever let you down.

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6 thoughts on “One Shovel-Full Away From Bliss

  1. Amen, sister! Every time I’m depressed, i just go out and dig. I was angry yesterday, and went and dug bermuda grass from around my banana tree and mulched really well. Made me feel much better.

  2. You are so right. There’s nothing like pruning a tree or deadheading a flower to clear the head of all the nonsense. There’s also something innate about being in the garden. I call it cheap therapy. Enjoy!

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