Finding Fresh Design Inspiration

Getting inspiration to bring new, fresh ideas to my Personal Garden Coaching clients is a conscious effort. Being constantly on the look out for a new way of looking at plants and combination’s, design plans and uses for garden elements is sweat, creativity, patience and maybe a little divine intervention.

'Green Spice' Heuchera

'Green Spice' Heuchera

After discussing this with other designers and coaches, I have found that there is a certain amount of cynicism that creeps into the minds of designers, usually this time of year. We’ve all been through a spring and summer of creating and energizing ideas, bringing them to life for others. It seems that I get a little bit of a drained feeling. Inspiration and new ideas seem very distant.

Fall color inspiration at the nursery

Fall color inspiration at the nursery

Clients and customers need to feed off of our energy and enthusiasm about plants, gardening, horticulture, style, fashion, design and bring to life the ideas that others couldn’t realize. This is what we sell. This is what they need to buy from us. And providing that can be challenging when you are feeling void of new ideas.

But, by the time we get to spring, there are garden shows, and a new season of design, when we begin feeling renewed. New plant introductions come out. Designers are flushed with exciting new ideas that have been incubating all winter long. Garden fashions are introduced to us, in what feels like in a whole new light.

But, right now in these waning hours of garden daylight in the dusky fall, I am one Coach and Designer looking at this moment of the season, with joy in my heart over the smallest details in a leaf. Or a fall grass combination that evokes a sense of style. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as seeing the same two plants together, just as I always have, but on this particular day and in this particular light, they make me think that I’ve never really seen them before.

Sea Oats, Blood Grass, Acorus

Sea Oats, Blood Grass, Acorus

Maybe that’s enough to take my cynical edge off for a while. Maybe I’m not really as bored with the same old plants and combination’s as I thought I was. Maybe nature gives us a rest from her active spring and summer excitement to immerse ourselves in a winters sleep and birth new ideas. But, right now, I’m going to give her a few more days to inspire me before my winter nap.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' & Phormium 'Jack Spratt'

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' & Phormium 'Jack Spratt'

4 thoughts on “Finding Fresh Design Inspiration

  1. Love the different combos! I actually like the fall gardening season. In southern NC, the garden wakes up a bit after the long, hot summer. There are so many interesting fall plants, and they get to shine for a long time here.

    Yes-as a garden coach, you *are* selling enthusiasm! Now, I wish more garden centers would stock up on interesting plants for fall. There is one great indie gc here in ILM that does stay well stocked, pretty much year-round. They get my business, especially when no other place has anything other than mums!

  2. No matter what art form you pursue there are times when your creative juices need recharging. I agree, those sea oats are amazing looking. I’ve only seen them at the Gulf of Mexico and never that color.

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