A Candy Colorful Rainbow of Winter Color

In the no man’s land of the Winter garden, after the Japanese Maples have closed out their Fall show, there is the “hurry up and wait” for Spring. The landscape can look a wee bit barren if you don’t actively plan for the rainbow of color options that are out there waiting for you. Many people, just close the door on the winter garden and miss out on a plethora of foliage and bloom options.

Here’s one idea for your full sun spot with great draining soil- (here in the NW, that HAS to be said!)


Heathers 3-26-09 002

Collection of colorful Heather's


All of these Heather’s were purchased during the cold, dark, wet months of Winter. I just couldn’t resist getting a bunch of these. Some are Spring blooming, some are summer or fall blooming. I don’t really care when they bloom as long as I can have color like this to look at during a long gray Winter!

Have you made a plan for your Winter garden color?


4 thoughts on “A Candy Colorful Rainbow of Winter Color

  1. I love heaths and and heathers. Hadn’t thought about them in awhile though. We are lucky enough to have a few great growers nearby, one in CT, and one on Cape Cod. Thanks for jogging the momory banks.


  2. Heya…my very first comment on your blog. 🙂 I have been popping in and out and reading your stuff for some time and just wanted to say hi. . I love your writing style and like the site design!. Also, could you let me know how I could subscribe to your blog using email? It would be important to get your posts in my inbox!

    • Hi Almeda,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog post. I’m happy that you’re enjoying it.
      Regarding the e-mail subscription, I have been very slowly learning how to work this blog and you got me to figure out what I needed to do to add the Subscription Widget. So, because of you, now it’s there! Happy you got me to do it, finally!
      Happy Gardening!

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