The ‘Honest Scrap’ Award

The honor that is the “Honest Scrap” Award has now been bestowed upon me. But, the utter prestige and ranking that go along with such an award may be lost on you if you don’t know what it means to be invited to join the club.

The story of the “Honest Scrap” Award according to Google goes like this: East African Bloggers began this tradition in Nigeria then passed it on to Bloggers in Uganda and then went international.

As the tradition goes there are a few conditions that must be fulfilled to earn this great honor:

1) I have to: speak boastfully, blow one’s own horn, bluster, boast, crow, exult, gasconade, gloat, grandstand, hotdog, jive, pat oneself on the back, prate, puff, rodomontade, showboat, shuck, swagger, vaunt about the award itself and receiving the award.

2) I have to invoke the name of the “Great and Powerful OZ”, no wait that’s a whole other post. I mean mention the Blogger who bequeathed the honor on me: Dan Eskelson of ClearWater Landscapes What a great guy!

3) Choose 7 other Bloggers who I admire for their wit, wisdom, content or otherwise magnificent design intellect and let them know of their distinction.

4) Show the names and links of those I have now conferred this massive exaltation and the links to their Blogs as well.

5) Last but not least, I have to now list ten little know things about myself in complete and total honesty.

Here goes, may I prove myself worthy:

7 Bloggers who I bestow the “Honest Scrap” Award to:

Carrie Stokes:

Andrew Keys:

Scott Hokunson:

Rebecca Sweet:

Ivette Soler

Susan L. Morrison:

Laura Schaub:

And now for my ten honest things:


I have, in fact become my Mother.


My Husband of 22 years "gets" me and all my quirks!


My "Sweet Little Bunny" is my proudest creation.


Had a "vision" that I would someday build and own this home, and I did!


My Father in Law "Sal" lived with us for over 10 years and he was the best friend I ever had.


Clearly, my destiny as a total goofball was pre-ordained and unavoidable.


Obviously shy, introverted, indecisive and lacking passion- NOT!


I have a "connection" to animals that transcends love.


I married a Rock & Roll God who also happens be a killer Bass player!


My reverence, constant wonder and awe at the magnificence of the universe is paralleled by my need to laugh at the insanity of it all!

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