Gild The Garden With Flair

Garden art, outdoor art, yard art, what ever you happen to call the pieces in your garden that add the character, life and x-factor that defines your personality in the landscape are wondrous and powerful things to behold. Besides our love affair with all the plants, trees and shrubs that make up a landscape, we have a vigorous need to fulfill the true expression of our personality. Putting on that stamp of definition is seductive.

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show draws visitors to its cavernous expanse of not only transcendent garden displays, but to shop! And shop! Hours upon hours are spent walking the aisles of marvelous artwork from vendors all over the world to find just the perfect piece of art to bring home.

However, this particular blog post is a bit different from just a good read about garden art. This post’s focus is more on the styles and uses of garden art and not simply explaining the typical informational heavy article on all the practical guidance on where to buy, how to choose and what to do with it. This is to get you think about how you interact with art in your garden and what art means to you in your landscape.

Flair is defined as a natural talent or distinctive and stylish elegance used to communicate or illuminate. What does your choice of garden art say about you and your garden?

Would you be most comfortable with classical art, contemporary, naturalistic?  Is art mostly functional for you? What materials draw you to a piece of art? Metal, twig, stone?  Or will it have whimsy and humor?

Water features are works of garden art that can be many varied styles and create tones of sound and feeling in a garden that define the space and how it’s used.

Art is used coming and going via the garden gate. Or as an exclamation point at a junction, a viewpoint in a landscape, directing your attention to specific sites.

Sometimes art is expressed via your choices of furniture or accessories. Bold and graphic or detailed and most noticed in just the right light.

When I step into someone’s garden, I know that when I see those little artful touches, or the placement of objects in a certain way, or the collected flotsam and jetsam that make up a lifetime, I can glean quite a bit of information about how they see themselves as much as what is openly revealed to me.

What makes your choice of garden art inherently you?

10 thoughts on “Gild The Garden With Flair

  1. Because of my move and monumental life changes, I am beginning from scratch in my garden, including the garden art. It will be both exciting and interesting to discover if and how those differences might have changed what I am drawn to and will enjoy now, at this juncture in my journey. Thank you for the thoughtful piece with a unique perspective.

  2. I love garden art! I have a client for whom I’ve wanted to create an outdoor art gallery for the longest time. As for me, I garden on a balcony, and I have a gigantic Mexican ceramic ball sitting on top of a cobalt blue planter that houses my gardening supplies. Practical art–gotta love it! Thanks for post!

  3. Great post, wonderful photos, intriguing ideas! My garden art has changed over the years, from cottagey-cute to (what I hope is) subtle and more refined—like painting the slats in the top of a table yellow and green to echo the stripes in a nearby variegated Agave americana.

    There are still remnants of my Mexican phase. Here in San Diego, you can get Talavera pottery and iron sculptures across the border at great prices. I painted the wire sculptures yellow to make them stand out, and to echo the color of nearby euonymus bushes. But I’ve never invested in great garden art…maybe it’s time!

    • Debra,
      I’m so happy that you enjoyed my post. That means so much to me. I’m glad to know that I inspired and intrigued you to ponder garden art anew! Thank you.

  4. I’m not usually a big fan of garden art – I like plants, birds, and butterflies to do the ‘heavy lifting’ … but then I as I was reading I saw a photo of my FAVORITE piece of garden furniture – my beloved red striped Fermob chairs! Christina! You totally hit the switch for me – DUH!
    In my own garden, I have very colorful furniture, a chunky concrete firepit, and a huge ceramic tile wall! What are those things if not garden art? Hahahaha!
    Thank you for making me realize that I am actually a HUGE fan of art in a garden!

  5. aloha, thanks for making such an inspirational post, it is well presented and a visual treat…. i would love to someday go to your famous garden show in the northwest…sigh

    i agree that the artwork you choose should define who you are and what you represent in your garden.



  6. Thanks for this, the photos are very inspiring. I’m designing my 3rd garden. This time it’s all about ease of maintenance. I want to spend more time relaxing and enjoying it than weeding.

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