January 15th Bloom Day – Bodacious Buds

The Northwest in January is a bounty of very fine details. With tongue in cheek, I am being quite diplomatic, you have to look REALLY hard for very small bits of potential flowering anything. That being said, this 2009-2010 Winter has been and “El Nino” season for us. This would typically mean warmer, drier weather, no snow and a generally shorter winter than normal. Well, we have had the overall warmer part, but the dry part, not so much! Torrential rains for days and days at a time interrupted by precisely 1.5 short days between squalls, of what I will call, lighter shades of grays and rays.

So, while I was able to go out and forage for a small number of blooms to share, the even better news is that I noticed the garden is getting ready to burst forth quite early this Spring and should produce a bounty of great Bloom Day potential.

Before you are my pictures of what I found out there this week, all pregnant and full of expectation. My landscape opportunities on my small lot are limited. So, while there is much more in bloom out there right now in my general area, this is what I could find in my little space this week. Enjoy!

Euphorbia 'Glacier Blue' budded early!

Viburnum 'Spring Bouquet' which seems to almost bloom year round!

Veronica 'Georgia Blue'

Humble little Erysimum 'Variegatum'

Hellebore 'Ivory Prince' teasing for the BIG show

*Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is the genius idea of May Dreams Gardens

6 thoughts on “January 15th Bloom Day – Bodacious Buds

    • Thanks Claire! I adore Eyrisimum’s! Some variety’s DO bloom their little hearts out- quite literally, they will bloom themselves to death and be a short term plant for 2-3 years in their prime. reminds me of Lavenders that way.

  1. Christina: That Euphorbia is magical. The foliage seems to just glow on its own. Love all the cultivars that are being developed these days. BTW: You rain is heading my way finally. We’re expected about 5 days of rain this week. Expect we’ll have the reservoirs topped off by the end of it, which will give everyone the idea that it’s okay to waste water again. But I digress. Great post!

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