San Fantastico Beckons!

The gauntlet has been thrown down by my Twitter and Facebook friends to fly down to San Francisco from Seattle and see their beloved San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. I have to admit, it was not a terribly hard sell. Even with both garden gloves tied behind my back, I still would have jumped at the chance.

I have not missed a year of the Seattle Flower and Garden Show since its inception. So as a seasoned show veteran, the thought of the fragrance that envelops you as you come near the entry doors, the dreamy garden displays, and shopping through the vendors are the equivalent of horticultural drug therapy in early spring.

Quite Contrary Garden Design, Raúl Campos Landscapes, Photo Courtesy of SFGS

The price was right too. SFGS made the ticket price an absolutely incredible $16 for all five days! The value of  that ticket price is immeasurable when you factor in the access I will have to viewing designs using a bevy of plants that are not typically used in my home region as well as meeting  many, many of my online friends in person at our “Mega Tweet-Ups”, garden excursions and shopping, shopping, shopping.

Plant Shopping! Photo Courtesy of SFGS

Having the opportunity to meet speakers and garden writers from all over the country and across the globe, this will truly be a highlight of the trip! The SFGS will generously be hosting a party for members of the  Garden Writers Association where we will chat and discuss the latest and greatest “Happenings” in the world of Horticulture, Sustainable Gardening and Landscape Design. I am over the moon excited to meet many of the people whom I admire and respect in this wonderful field.

Here are ONLY two examples of people who I’m SO excited to meet! Debra L. Baldwin, who’s new book “Succulent Container Gardens” is just out now for 2010. Take a peek here.

The other garden media dynamo that I’m really looking forward to meeting is the effervescent Jean Ann Van Krevelen. She is a powerhouse in the world of not only garden media, but social media and marketing. Truly a pace setter for many of us. Her new book, hitting the market and making a huge splash is “Grocery Gardening” .

This new book represents the growing movement that is “Sustainable Gardening” and merges social networking with the everyday discussions that gardeners are having online about their experience of bringing food from the garden to the table.

A large mention needs to be made on behalf of the efforts of Laura Schaub who is coordinating the PR for the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. She is doing a marvelous job at creating BUZZ surrounding the show via Twitter and the Facebook page for SFGS.

Laura has been an engaging force for the show, providing some terrific resources for those of us coming in for the show, like our press room! Laura has been instrumental in promoting the seminars, speakers, book signings, vendor relationships, exhibitors, to everyone whose heart gets all fluttery thinking about these things! Bravo and standing ovation to Ms. Schaub!

My husband and I will be flying into San Francisco early to go to a lovely “Tweet-Up” party planned by Rebecca Sweet and Susan L. Morrison A big HUG and Thank you in advance- can’t wait!! Then we’ll spend a few days of course at the Garden Show, shopping and sightseeing for the rest of our romantic week-long getaway. If there’s enough time, we’ll even head out to Napa and Sonoma to be one with the wine!

When I think about why I want to go to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, I think about all the fun, garden centric people who I’m going to meet (my clan :-)-I feel like I know many of them already! I think about the great connections I will be making for my career in all things garden, landscape design, garden coaching and horticulture related. And I think about all the wonderful learning opportunities that lay before me from plants to people!

There will of course be pictures galore to post when I get back to Seattle, and I’m sure to be posting from the show regularly as well. So, if you are not able to go yourself, you can ride along with me-virtually.

Bring it on SHAKY TOWN!

10 thoughts on “San Fantastico Beckons!

  1. And what a party we shall have! Tho’ you realize you just drew a line in the sand with the Earthquake Gods, don’t you? Be prepared for some excitement from Mother Nature!! She’s already been giving us a taste of what she considers ‘fun’ with weekly rumblings up and down the state….

  2. Christina, thank you so much for sharing your story; we are hoping that the SF Flower & Garden Show will be a gathering place for gardeners and designers from all over the country! You are the second ‘out of stater’ to write about making the pilgrimage, I imagine folks will be checking airfares today!

    Thanks also for including the great pictures; I hope everyone noticed the stunning display of succulents from the Succulent Gardens stall at in the plant market; owner Robin Stockwell is such an important part of the show, and this is only a small portion of the treasures he’ll be bringing.

  3. Great post Christina. It looks like y’all are going to have great fun there in San Fran, I hope the earth does not move so much in a literal sense of course 🙂 . Looks like SFGS is something to keep an eye out for there!

    The Good Gardening Withces of NorthSouthWest&Eastwicked meets SFGS and youre bringing hubby as the Jack Nicholson stand in?

    Best of luck at the Show.

  4. aloha,

    What a deal on the tickets for an entire week, I may just have to think about taking a flight back to the mainland for this event. I’m sure I’ll be able to get some great blogging material 🙂

    I’m also a succulent fanatic so the guest speakers sound wonderful!

    • Isn’t it though?! I wish that the Northwest Flower and Garden Show had been able to do it that way. I think what people save on tickets will go directly into the shopping dollar revenue that they see. Brilliant!
      I’ll share lots of pics for you!

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