Super-Models of Flowers

When you think of photographing a stunningly beautiful woman, these days, Victoria’s Secret or Vogue magazine are most likely to corner the market on the cream of the crop of what’s now referred to as the “Super-Model”. The model who sets the standard and defines the woman who can make a camera and a photographer look like a genius simply because they were in the room.

This was what occurred to me when I went to the Volunteer Park Conservatory recently. I needed to find some heat and some lovely growing things in this El Nino winter we’re having of gray, rain, and more rain and gray.

Smack! Right as you enter the Conservatory, there was an amazing display of Orchids. Now, one can look at lovely orchids on sale in a greenhouse, or at a flower show, but I have never seen them in a naturalistic, garden setting before. Bravo to the Volunteer Park Conservatory for this fantastic display!


This Super-Model forgot her waxing appointment. 🙂

Locked away behind cage fronts, these beauties were not easy to photograph, and I am certainly no pro photographer either. But, these ladies, stood up tall and proud and showed me their BEST side, as easy as if they were born doing it. Orchids ARE the super-models of flowers. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

Roses are lovely and gracious, but Orchids, seem to actually be performing as soon as you pick up the camera and begin to focus. Here are some of my favorite pics from that day. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Super-Models of Flowers

    • I will never look at an orchid again in the same way. They will now forever seem like they are about to strut down a runway. Love the whole idea!

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