Warmest January on Record- Smells Great!!

Winter Jasmine

My favorite Witch Hazel 'Jelena'

Beautiful red peeling bark next to these tiny Cyclamen- magical

Witch Hazels & Hellebore

Corsican Hellebore

Bold and fiery heather ona gray winter day

Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

Fragrant Mahonia 'Charity' among the Witch Hazel blooms

This fragrance makes you think you died and went to heaven!

This Viburnum is my all time favorite- 'Pink Dawn'

Look VERY carefully at this one- Surprise!!! Sarcacocca

4 thoughts on “Warmest January on Record- Smells Great!!

  1. beautiful photos.. I am so happy that spring is coming and I will be able to get out in the yard.. can not wait to get it all bulldozed and then start putting plants in

  2. As a “Helen”, I’ve had my eye on ‘Jelena’ in the abstract. Yours looks truly wonderful. Yes, it’s my plantoholic tendencies showing through. Before I indulge, I’ll need to map it all out — I know, I know. But one by the front door would be splendid. It isn’t scented, though, is it?

    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. All of those pics were taken at the Seattle Arboretum, wish I had all that in my garden, but it’s way too small. ‘Jelena’ has a wee bit of a fragrance but nothing to be terribly excited about, there are other varieties that are much more fragrant. However, none with the dramatic burnt orange that you get with ‘Jelena’- that’s why I like her!

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