NWFGS This Week- Friends, Flowers & Form

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show begins this week at the Seattle Convention Center. After what seemed like an interminable wait to find out if the show would happen at all this year, it’s exciting to know that the show WILL go on!

It was this week last year that I found myself in the hospital having a procedure done to try to diagnose a heart problem. I very nearly died from an unforeseen complication. Obviously I was concerned with healing but, I was also frustrated that it was keeping me from a “Tweet-Up” at the show to meet all of my new Twitter friends!

(*Ironic note- My husband is- as I write this- on the phone with insurance company because we just now received the bill for the hospital stay, a year ago!!!)

But NOT this year! I am so excited to be able to not only meet bunches of my Twitter friends as well as all the people who I SO look forward to meeting at the Garden Writer’s Association party, the Arboretum Foundation Gala and more.

In honor of the brand new NWFGS, this week, I thought that I would share some of my favorite pictures that I took at last years show on the one day I did go, before I was flattened. Enjoy!

Bold and High Intensity Color for the NW

Modern, Elegant and Sophisticated

Smith & Hawken

Smith & Hawken

Star Nursery

Under The Arbor Landscape Design- my favorite of the show!

Le Jardin Landscape

Fancy Fronds & Aw Pottery

Shapiro Ryan Designs

Shapiro Ryan Designs

9 thoughts on “NWFGS This Week- Friends, Flowers & Form

    • Hi Kari,
      Thanks for visiting. Funny you mention the water in the pictures, I was picking from about a gajillion different pictures and those are the ones that I was really drawn to and the same thought had occurred to me as I was posting them.
      I think Smith & Hawken is now under the umbrella of Target. I doubt we will ever see them as an independent again.

  1. Very glad you’re OK after being flattened. Love the lead photo, it’s so colorful, the plants are almost incidental. Goes to show what design accents pots can be. I find it difficult to get good photos at indoor shows—do you have any tips that might help? See you at the show!

    • Thank Debra!
      2 photo tips that I learned from that last show:

      1) The show has really great lighting people, so even if a shot seems too dark, DON’T use a flash. You can always light it up in editing.
      2) If your camera has a stabilizer option, use it.
      As a very novice photographer with a very cheezy camera, that’s about all I can tell you!
      See you soon!

  2. Christina I had NO IDEA! You are such a treasure – I’m selfishly glad that you’ve healed and recovered and are such a vibrant amazing person. AND inspirational gardener!
    Proud to be one of your Twitter fiends… I mean friends!


  3. I missed you guys the whole week. I was a whiner! LOL. Very glad that you were able to attend this year. I hope the Tweet-Up was super cool and hope to join you all again next year. @juliebonnheath

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