Bloom Day, February 15 in El Nino Land!

El Nino has, in the past meant a potent mix of warm winter storms, rain and flooding. But this go round, it’s been quite a different story. While the East is still deep in an unusually long and powerful snow season our Northwest weather has been very warm and undeniably dry. To the point where I debated going out to water a few key plants. Here in the land of fungus, even this thought is alien in early spring.

Coming up with a bunch of pictures to show this Bloom Day has been quite atypical for this time of year. I actually had to edit my pictures down! What a thought. On any normal year I would be almost belly down on the ground taking pictures of buds and all of their potential glory in February! Actually, on a few of the days recently I DID take pics in some light, but VERY warm rain.

A portion of the pictures are from my garden and some are from my good friend Mitch’s collector garden in this post. Soon, I will devote a whole post to Mitch’s garden. It really should be in a magazine! Enjoy the pictures for this Bloom Day!

Window Box full of fragrant Cyclamen

Himalayan Daphne

The name of this one escapes me, but it is one of my all time favorite Hellebores!

Pale Yellow Erysimum

Euphorbia 'Red Wing'

10 thoughts on “Bloom Day, February 15 in El Nino Land!

  1. Christina, as usual, the pictures are awesome! especially the Hellebores. Love the first one, looks like a Rorschach test. Looking forward to your post on Mitch’s garden.

  2. What a beautiful group of flowers! I really think Hellebores are one of the most photogenic flowers around.
    It was just beautiful out today, hard to believe it’s February!

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