2010 NWFGS Reflections

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show takes place every year in the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle. The building straddles the I-5 freeway in a super pedestrian friendly location to all of the great shopping and sightseeing that Seattle has to offer.

The show had recently been purchased by new owners who adeptly put this show together in less than 7 months! No small feat as well as a testament to their skills and professionalism.

The opening night Pre-View party was a great time! The  event was a charity auction and fundraiser for our local Arboretum Foundation on their 75th year- 1930’s themed, so I added the feathers in my hair for the occasion. Tons of great outfits that night in honor of the theme!

Loved the combination of "Pinks" in this vignette!

Without flooding this post with pictures I had to edit down my selections heavily to a few favorites that would give you some highlights and a feeling for the variety of sights in the whole show.

This 2nd level rooftop garden demonstrated how technology, horticulture and innovation can meld together in a graceful and sustainable way.

I took this picture of the sign in front of Jessica Bloom and Noah Kenny’s garden at the Pre-View party before they won MORE awards, most notably the “People’s Choice” award. This was my favorite garden as well and I plan to have an entire post devoted to it this week! So, just a quick peek here.

Jessica Bloom and her son Noah Kenny designed the favorite garden of the show

These pencil twigs were a huge hit, so much art was incorporated into this garden!!

Blue glass was an inspired choice here!

Vertical gardens are all the rage these days. This one had such a commanding and natural feel to it.

Glass Gardens NW made these glass fern fronds just for this garden installation.

This display titled “Crops For Clunkers” was VERY entertaining! End to end this old truck became a useful place to grow all manner of fruits and veggies. There were even chickens too!

Though I couldn’t show you nearly enough pictures of the garden display the Le Jardin Home & Garden Design had in the show, I can show you a small few highlights- also one of my favorites at the show! The display they had last year was a top highlight of mine also. Very inspiring talents!

This picture was taken on the sky-bridge area of the show where a variety of vendors had mini-garden displays. This one highlighted an assortment of black plants in high contrast to the iridescent off-white pottery. Very elegant!

Sunnyside Nursery had a great mini garden display titled “The Living Room”, it was incredibly popular with everyone who saw it. Excellent use of succulents!

The APLD garden display was a commanding presence at the show. Displaying an artful use of a steel, acid etched wall, Tiger wood deck and a superstar plant Pinus Contorta ‘Chief Joseph’.

In the forefront of this photo is Corylopsis, Winter Hazel- I took that one home!

One of the garden’s 5 designers, Barbara Lycett had these poles designed specifically for this display to give the feeling of bamboo. They are metal with a rust powder coat finish that will weather nicely in the garden for years to come.

Ravenna Gardens truly won my heart with their display garden in shades of turquoise, teal, and green. They also won Best Container Garden design at the show too- Congratulations!

Inside Out Home & Garden really caught my eye with this wonderful new product- Fire Pots!

As you enter and exit the main floor viewing area for the show you pass several professional floral arrangements on display, this was the one I couldn’t tear myself away from!

To be able to share this wonderful show with you and do it complete justice in one blog post is nearly impossible. In the coming days I’ll be posting many more pictures and topical themes related to the show so that hopefully, if you couldn’t make it here to the beautiful Northwest this February you can get a feeling for what makes it SO special.

The gardeners, artists and show producers all worked incredibly hard to keep this fantastic Seattle tradition alive. I am grateful to live in a region that places such importance on gardens, inspiration, innovation and creativity!

13 thoughts on “2010 NWFGS Reflections

    • I desperately wish that I had gotten a whole shot of the entire vignette. I’ll post others later so you can get a better sense of how truly creative it was- really creative!

  1. I’ve only attended this show once, and that was a number of years ago. It was one of the most enjoyable and memorable days ever! Thanks so much for the tour–it’s like a mini vacation–really looking forward to more of your photos and insights.

    • Lots of fun things to see at the show, obviously! Glad you had a good time. Those glass fern fronds and the black plants in the green containers were my favourites, although Ravenna Gardens’ display was pretty amazing too.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Loved the crops for clunkers. Makes me want to plant our truck again this year – which we did do one year but then found we did really need it to cart stuff around! I’m very tempted though! Loved those pencil twigs. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your blogs on the show.

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