New Plant Discovery Alert!

While wandering at a local nursery the other afternoon I came upon two new plants! This seems to be an occurrence that is far and few between for me these days. So, I HAD to share what I found.

The first one is a Corydalis ‘Chocolate Stars’ for those of you who have the shade to part shade gardens where it can be hard to have dramatic foliage color and flowers this cocoa colored foliage and lavender to white flower combination is fantastic! I could see this plant being stunning with blue foliage Hosta’s, Japanese Painted Fern’s or even with the sexy new Japanese Forest Grass variety ‘Beni Kaze‘.

Another new plant that I was thrilled to discover is one that, in it’s other more standard forms is a real staple in the Northwest – Mahonia. But this lovely new discovery is like no Mahonia I’ve ever seen! It’s called Mahonia eurybracteata ‘Soft Caress’. You could almost call it a lace leaf Mahonia!

This Mahonia gives that Asian garden feeling of bamboo with it’s airy and lacy texture and all of the wonderful other qualities that Mahonia gives us like the Hummingbird attracting flowers and it’s evergreen interest in winter.

I hope that you saw a new plant here that you may have not seen before either! Discovering new plants for my clients and my own garden is SO much fun. I wish that I could show you new plants every week. I feel a trip to the nursery coming on…. 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Plant Discovery Alert!

  1. CORYDALIS!!! What a great plant (Hello – ‘Blue Panda’? LUV!) and I didn’t know there was a chocolate leaved variety! I DIE!!! A total must have for me. Thank you for the introduction, Doll – you might have just started a very successful long-term relationship!


  2. I love the Mahonia, that I will definitely be looking for. Just added it to my wish list. Some of the others have such prickly leaves, this has a much softer look.

  3. Hi Christina! My friend Drew bought this Mahonia up at Christianson’s last year and after seeing his last week, after the freeze in December, I regreted not buying one too. So, today I was up at Christianson’s and bought one along with a great Rhodie, Rhododendron davidsonianum ‘Ruth Lyons’. Hope your having fun in SF this week!

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