March 2010 Garden Bloggers Bloomsday

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
–   Robin Williams

While a few plants are playing a starring role right now, March has always seemed to me to be one of the most anticipatory of months for gardeners. We endure the sweet build up and excitement of the potential our creations will bring forth and then await the eventual sitting back and rejoicing in our labors.

Here’s a few of my super stars so far for this month. My quintessential blues strike me to the core in the Spring time sun!

Fragrant Hyacinth in Wedgwood Blue

Veronica 'Georgia Blue'

Camellia Japonica

Mountain Violet

Mountain Violet

Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'

GARDEN NOTE: The Vernal equinox falls on the 21st of March, making this the day of most equal parts light and dark of the year. Gardeners are more keenly aware of this than most I think. It’s marks the beginning of the lion’s share of our golden hours and marks the duality of planning the next years garden! Don’t let the Springtide pass you by!

3 thoughts on “March 2010 Garden Bloggers Bloomsday

  1. I can almost smell the hyacinth!

    Which Camellia is this one? The flower almost looks more like a sasanqua than japonica…tells me it probably holds up better in the rain than my ancient pink japonica blossoms.


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