The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show- Container Drama

Container gardening is one of my particular favorite things about garden design. So when I was looking for my unique “take” on one aspect of  the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show I knew it had to be about the abundance of ideas for dramatic container garden plantings that you had to see!

With styles ranging from modern to whimsical, country to antique, and natural to edible there was a plethora of fantastic design concepts that can be translated into ANY garden.

Here are some that I found to be interesting and noteworthy. This should inspire you to get out there and be creative with your containers too. Many of these are planted with found or recycled objects. Try something new, get out of your comfort zone and define your space so that it will reflect your personal style!







Thanks for taking a moment to visit my photos. And a BIG thank you to Laura Schaub for inviting and organizing all of us Garden Bloggers at the show. Applause applause!

10 thoughts on “The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show- Container Drama

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful focus on containers; once again, someone has shown me half a dozen things I somehow DID NOT SEE at the show (what WAS I doing the whole time?) Wonderful to meet you and to have the whole crazy TABBy gang together, it was as great as I hoped it would be…xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for sharing… Whoa! So much talent in one place… You can feel the energy all the way from here! I am loving all the vertical gardens and the new focus on an old love… Succulents!

  3. I missed a lot of these, too! Great job of rounding them up. Your camera handled that tricky indoor lighting really well. The alligator fountain is my fave, but I love the wall sconces too—especially the grid behind the begonia, what a great idea for creating a focal point. Those planted concrete blocks are a terrific idea, too. So glad I got to see you at the show!

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  7. I could have sat in Keeyla’s display garden for hours. I wonder about the 20′ veggie tower. It doesn’t seem practical but then again it’s like couture but for gardens. I must be the only person that did not like the ‘Creole Jazz Garden.’ Something about alligator heads.

    Great pictures Christina but those containers have nothing over you!

  8. “Container drama” – Yes, I love your collection of photos from the show. I especially like the vertical display of potted plants. I may start something like that along the back yard fence. I’m enjoying your blog & learning a lot. Thanks!

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