7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Little French Country Container Combo

  1. How beautiful, blue and yellow, one of my favorite combos. I can’t resist doing areas in beds, containers, wherever. Love how the pansies so effectively echo both the pot and the foliage!

  2. You blow me away every day—I show these to our employees so they can show how to use material beautifully to OUR customers, the buyers for retail stores. I love this combo, simple, uses material they already have, and ROCKS!! We have got to meet somewhere.

  3. I just discovered your website and FB page. Your work is amazing. I look forward to discovering and getting inspired! Thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures and useful advice.

    • Daisy,
      Endless thanks for the nice compliments. I’m SO happy you enjoy my blog posts. I’ll endeavor to keep earning your favor. 🙂

  4. The secret to a successful lawn is constant and consistent care. If you make the work a pleasant habit instead of a dreaded chore, the right work will get done easily at the right time.

    I truly enjoyed getting helpful insights from your blogs.

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