Wordless Wednesday, 2010 Color Theme – Purple & Orange

11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, 2010 Color Theme – Purple & Orange

  1. GREAT work! I love Strobilanthes dyerianus as well. I have one in an arragement of terra cotta pots and the other two I have in galvanized containers to play off the whole metalic feel of it.
    Nicotianas also do it for me this year! I think next year all I am going to grow in my pots (now we know this won’t come true) will be Nicotiana.

    I really do need to come and chat with you one day.

    • Thanks Bruce! I would love to visit with you one day. I think I have nursery work in my blood! I can’t remember which Nicotiana that was, I recall it being a tender perennial here in these parts though. I love using both the Strobilanthes and Nictotiana in pots. They both have such wonderful personalities and make it easy to combine with a wide variety of planting styles.
      Let’s stay in touch!

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