Drama Queen? Yes, The High Voltage Type!

No one would ever accuse me of being shy and demure. At least no one who knows me even a little. My garden is a direct reflection of my personality, as I think most private gardens should be. Not that anyone has ever called ME a drama queen (that I know of 🙂 ), but I see my garden that way for sure! I believe that when you have so many months of drizzle in a year, the garden should be a high wattage show of color, drama and texture.

In summer it’s easy with SO many wonderful annuals, perennials and shrubs blooming. I know that I need these warm season elements to mentally carry me through those tough months with my nose pressed against the windows.

Not everyone needs to have the vivid, technicolor kilowatts that I personally prefer in a color scheme, the same effect can be achieved with a lower voltage color scheme. A more subtle and serene color scheme can be electric and theatrical with the judicious use of bold foliage and texture.

Just when I think I can soften it up a bit…BOOM!

I’m sharing examples of fearless and sometimes electric colors here in flowers and a bit of foliage that get ME amped up. What gives you a jolt of electricity and thrills in your garden?

3 thoughts on “Drama Queen? Yes, The High Voltage Type!

  1. What gives me a jolt of electricity? Pulling weeds and grabbing Canadian thistle without looking!

    Gorgeous flower photos! And I didn’t see any Canadian thistle, how’d you do that??

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