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Writing about one’s life passion such as gardening and horticulture is a tool that I will forever have in my tool kit. When I get the opportunity to interact with other writers who share that passion and readers who embrace our enthusiasm it feeds that well and creates more openings for the flow and exchange of ideas to spring forth.

That is what I love about the new Garden Writers Today website. The lovely team at GWT has invited me to join in on the fun and participate in a special event highlighting their special brand of supporting garden writers and their zeal for the medium we all love. Laura Livengood Schaub, Jean Ann Van Krevelan and Katie Elzer-Peters of GWT asked me to post what I would like to see in the new web page and what they could do for me.

Here are my thoughts:

–          Introductions: Getting the community more connected and linked would be great. By having a resource where people who might not otherwise meet can be introduced in a comfortable and informal setting. Having a “facilitator” make that introduction seems like a little more fun and personal way of meeting.

–          Future Thinking: What do we think will be the latest and greatest in 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? We have futurists in the Technology field; let’s get more discussion happening in the writing, gardening, and horticulture field.

–          Photo Resources: That one is self-explanatory, but we can all use more resources for that one!

Here’s a link to the brand new Garden Writers Today blog page as well as the wonderful GWT Facebook page. I would love to hear your thoughts too, so please leave me a comment!

5 thoughts on “Garden Writers Today

  1. I’m so with you on more photo resources. The stock photo companies are dire at having specific plant photos. I’d love a place where I could earn residual income from accurately-named plant photos.

    I’ve tried to submit to some of the stock photo resources but they seem uninterested in botanical photos and want more generic pictures. But gardeners need plant photos!! How can I gush about the latest if I can’t show people which heuchera I’m talking about?

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