Gardening Gone Wild ‘Picture This’ Photo Contest

The excellent ‘Gardening Gone Wild’ blog has a super-cool photo contest section on the site that you can read more about here: Up to now I have been WAY to intimidated to throw myself in to the ring because I don’t really have the type of camera that I know could perform much better in order to even compete with all of those other fabulous garden photographers. However, this month I just couldn’t resist!

Professional photographer David Perry is the MUCH admired judge for this months photos, and he came up with an idea for the contest that even I felt like I could do! It’s called “Macro In A Mason Jar”. I think it’s utterly brilliant!

The idea is that you use the jar to balance the camera to get luscious macro professional looking shots. David Perry took it a step further and gave us some fun and creative ideas for the outer balance of the shot too. I had so much fun with this idea! I tried a few different flowers and styles of jars.

I think I have an amazing new idea for a photo trick that I can use forever. Thank you for inspiring my entry into the contest!


22 thoughts on “Gardening Gone Wild ‘Picture This’ Photo Contest

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    • Thank you Lynn! It might literally be the ONLY thing I have blooming right now! It was in a container up on my protected porch all nice and snuggy. 🙂

  2. Love the image you submitted! This was a fun experiment, wasn’t it? I can’t wait to try it this spring/summer when I have some blooms. Slim pickin’s right now. I ended up entering a rock 🙂 Best wishes on the contest!

    • Thank you SO much Toni! I am so pleased to see all the great new entries into the contest. I loved your rock!

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