Garden Designer’s Roundtable – Getting From Here to There

Path: Definition – Course or Way. Synonyms: aisle, artery, avenue, beat, beaten path, boulevard, byway, cross-cut, direction, drag, footpath, groove, highway, lane, line, pass, passage, pathway, procedure, rail, road, roadway, route, rut, shortcut, street, stroll, terrace, thoroughfare, track, trail, walk, walkway.

You can certainly look at getting from here to there from the broad perspective OR in close detail. Enjoy the collages of pictures that I gathered for you to look at getting from here to there from a few different vantage points. 🙂 

Sometimes getting from here to there means focusing on the short ends of coming and goings like entrances and exits. 

More home landscapes are trending toward emphasizing the street view of the front garden with very unique and interesting entry paths and gardens. 

Creativity and artistry are shown with different materials for gates and railings that help to define the personality of the garden or homeowner’s style. 

The wide variety of path and walkway selections for materials are as vast as your imagination can envision. From decomposed granite, ground covers, brick, wood, lawn, mulch, cork, slate tiles or log rounds, you can create a path that defines your personal style and suits your environment. 

Adding beautiful places to pause and appreciate craftsmanship and artistic expression make the walk even more enjoyable! 

Repetition by using design cues and long visual lines carry the viewer along the path.

Details can make or break the design and stick in the memory of those enjoying the garden. Decorative, dramatic and unique elements make a garden memorable. 

A viewpoint at the end of a path is a dramatic and memorable component of getting from here to there. 

Grand paths create vista points in large gardens. Pull over and take a picture! 

Exits and entry’s can be unforgettable even for a casual garden. 

Sometimes a hidden garden is on the other end of the path!

Getting to this quaint seating area is a lovely experience with this well-groomed informal pathway. 

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22 thoughts on “Garden Designer’s Roundtable – Getting From Here to There

    • Thank you Sheila. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed my post and most especially my pictures. I take a lot of pride in putting together pictures for each post that are descriptive, entertaining and maybe even inspirational!

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  4. Wow your fotos would keep me perpetually on the move – such a great feast for the eyes. And how beautifully you have outlined the huge creative potential of paths.
    Thanks so much, Christina!

  5. This all makes me drool!!! I love how things don’t always have to be overcomplicated or perfect!! Alot of what I see is here is just nature enhanced. While I love the gorgeous pottery and unique plants I love the photos of things left slightly on the wild side. Thanks ‘Coach” for sharing all of this! The naive gardener

  6. You missed one Christina -the 12 oaks lining the path to Tara 🙂 This is an incredible array of paths and one as beautiful as the next. You really should do the book.

  7. Speechless. Those were all awe-inspiring pics of the various landscaping sections–entrances, walkways, sidewalks, stairway, exits. I particularly loved the street lined with outrageous red foliage. Really made me smile and those lanterns in the grass. Great highlight idea.

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