Gardening Gone Wild Photo Contest – Fill The Frame

The wonderfully energetic and entertaining blog Gardening Gone Wild is having a photo contest for October titled “Fill The Frame”. I throw my hat into the ring once in a while because the judges on this contest also happen to be fabulous teachers and they challenge me to stretch my creativity muscles whenever I read their words of wisdom on photography. I’ve had some pretty cool results! Since I am by NO means any kind of a really skilled photographer, I just keep taking their advice to heart, and click away hoping something turns out.

Below is my entry for this months challenge of filling the frame. The image encapsulates the whole frame with constructed composition. I wanted the rich colors and reflective nature of the glass and it’s curve-linear texture to tell the story succinctly but dramatically. I love the how the background color reinforces the colors in the glass.

This piece of glass art is courtesy of Barbara Sanderson at Glass Gardens NW.  Please go and check out all of the lovely entries for this months contest here on the Gallery page. Leaving a comment here would make my day too! 🙂

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