Save Money- Protect Tender Plant Favorites

The first frost of the season means bringing in some of the plants I want to save for next year that are tender. For me that means certain succulents and my fancy geraniums. In this changing economy, I can’t necessarily afford to dump my fancy geraniums anymore. They’re expensive! I saved them successfully for a few years now by digging them up and saving them in a bucket in the garage.

Last summer the Side Yard Border was beautiful with this fancy geranium sparking the colors!

Happy fancy Geranium in the Summer.

They do very well in there with no light and no additional heat. Even when we had 3 or more feet of snow piled up against the garage door! I will bring them into the house to get a little light and wake up a bit in late March or April. And then go back out into the beds or containers bigger and better than the year before.

I have adored this combination of Winter Hazel, Heuchera and Fancy Geraniums this late season.

Happy fancy Geranium getting ready to go into the house or garage for Winter.

Some lucky people bring them inside and make them houseplants where they can do tremendously well. I may try that in my bathroom. I have three East and South facing windows in the bathroom. Even in Winter I have great light in there. It’s just a matter of sacrificing the space over the big tub for a plant platform. 🙂

Have you gotten your tender babies taken care of yet?


2 thoughts on “Save Money- Protect Tender Plant Favorites

  1. I’ve got some moss rose (portulaca), geraniums, and a purple heart to bring in before it gets much colder. Right now I’ve got them in my unheated greenhouse. It was 28 degrees this morning, so I better get going! Nice pics, I love the fancy geranium.

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