12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday November 2 – Wishlist Plants

    • Hahaha! Definitely not that self restrained at all Deirdre! I have a huge list for a VERY teeny tiny yard. It’s more like Lot imposed restraint. 🙂

  1. is this a passion flower? They’re on my wishlist too. This red will not grow at all in my zone, but I think there is a lavender or blue maypop that might be just hardy enough if I found a sheltered spot for it.

    • Yes, a lovely red one! Probably not hardy here in my zone either, but I have a friend saving me some cuttings, so I’ll risk it next year.

  2. I live near Seattle. I wonder how this red passion flower did for you? I would love to grow one on a trellis at the front of our house!

  3. I chickened out. Just recently bought a purplish passion flower vine (Passiflora Caerulea), instead. The local nursery didn’t recommend the red passion flower vines for our zone.

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