End Times for Coleus

As we near the waning days of light and dry weather this season in my zone 7 garden near Seattle, I dread saying goodbye to my beloved Coleus for the year.

I could wax on poetic for days about the variations of color and texture they bring to my gardens and containers. But, I won’t do that this time. Today is for saying goodbye and releasing them into the world of compost until I can reclaim them and get that same rush of color for next year.

Soon to be nothing more than a pile of wet goo, I wait until about half of the foliage is dropped and looking dreadful before I roll the yard wast bin up to each one in succession. I say goodbye, with a little wince as they tumble into the dark, dank bin for the yard waste man to pick up soon.

I will move on and find another plant to wax on about for a few months time.

Hellebore anyone? 🙂

5 thoughts on “End Times for Coleus

  1. Hellebore season is too far away. I have hardy cyclamen blooming. They’re not as showy, but they’re blooming…..now…..

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