Garden Designers Roundtable- SHOW of Inspiration

Inspiration for garden design ideas for the New Year can obviously come from any number of sources. You can fall down the internet rabbit hole of Social Media and lose hours of your life to just Pinterest alone for ideas on anything you can find inspiring, that’s the whole POINT!March 2012 Philly Flower and Garden Show 1122 copy

People can be an inspiration; a winter walk can bring inspiration, great garden books, and meditating on philosophic ideas, food and cooking, architecture, animals, interior design, all of those and more can be the spark of inspiration. I am not going to list here ALL of the innumerable ways that you can find inspiration in your design life. I am only going to focus on one way here. But, do be sure to check out those phenomenal links above too. 😉

January 2013 Office Inspiration

My bookshelf of inspiration!

Last June I wrote this post that struck a chord with a number of you, titled “Looking To the Landscape for Mental Healing”. In it, I referred to one of my most favorite “bits” with regard to “inspiration”, if you have a moment, I think you would find it a great companion to this post.



My inspiration is so seasonally predictable, so like clockwork, so springtastically motivating- its the Garden Shows that get me revved up! I have only missed one of my local show- the Northwest Flower and Garden Show since its inception 25 years ago. Beginning in January, I start getting the garden itch for new plants, seeds, design ideas, garden art. By the time the show rolls around in the third week of February, I’m positively apoplectic for my fix!

NWFGS Pre-View Gala Fundraiser, January 2010 266

I spend the entire week of the show blogging, photographing and networking with my compadres in the world of Horticulture, Garden Writing, and Design. Getting inspired by the immensity of imagination and effort that goes into one of the largest garden shows in the country is positively exhilarating.


Leaf Magazine, Riz Reyes, Nancy Claire Guth

Before the Northwest Flower and Garden Show I will be heading south to the Yard, Garden and Patio Show in Portland as a Show Judge! Plus taking a couple of days to visit with friends at places like Viscaya to get my plant groove on and take some fun bits home.


A couple of years ago, at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, I presented a Container Garden display with Janit Calvo of Two Green Thumbs Miniature GardensEat, Pray, Love, Garden.

February 2011 NWFGS 011

This year is uber special because I will be speaking at the show with my co-author of Fine Foliage Karen Chapman of Le Jardinet Designs. 

Christina and Karen Portrait

Do I have reasons to be extra special inspired THIS year of all years?? – YOU BET I DO! Look at all of the magnificent friends I have, with whom I get the privilege to share my passion for landscape design and horticulture!

To see more fabulous blog posts from the other Lords and Ladies of the Roundtable please follow these links below:

Susan Cohan : Miss Rumphius’ Rules : Chatham, NJ

Scott Hokunson : Blue Heron Landscapes : Granby, CT

Lesley Hegarty & Robert Webber : Hegarty Webber Partnership : Bristol, UK

Jocelyn Chilvers : The Art Garden : Denver, CO

Jenny Peterson : J Petersen Garden Design : Austin, TX

Douglas Owens-Pike : Energyscapes : Minneapolis, MN

Deborah Silver : Dirt Simple : Detroit, MI

19 thoughts on “Garden Designers Roundtable- SHOW of Inspiration

  1. I’ll have to check around for more garden shows in the area. Thanks for the many links to great resources you’ve provided. I checked out a few already. Great reading. susie

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  4. Thanks for the whirlwind tour inside your mind Christina! So looking forward to re-connecting with you when I come to Seattle next month. Also thanks for the shout out for Leaf magazine…it’s greatly appreciated!!!

  5. Christina, I envy you your proximity to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show! I’ve only attended once, and it was a dream-filled experience. Enjoy celebrating the publication of your new book — and the inspiration it will bring to so many!

  6. Today is in the mid-60’s and I am definitely inspired and getting downright itchy to start designing. Next month my daughter and I are heading to Seattle for the NWFGS, the first garden show we have attended together… now that will truly be inspiring! I hope we will have the chance to finally meet in person, Christina!

  7. I know about garden itch – I know it too well… Your book looks great! I can’t wait to see/buy a copy! (I always need no inspiration and ideas on color/texture combinations.)

  8. Christina, I loved that in the picture of your work space(?), that right up on top are pics of the family and the pug! Well balanced! I hope to make it to the NWFGS someday, and am eagerly awaiting “Fine Foliage”!

  9. All good manners of inspiration, but I can’t help but think I must spend much more time unleashing my inspiration. Living here, where the unusual winter or summer can bring a few weeks without comfort, I wish I had hours every day to be outside realizing all my ideas, including my own place. Especially in the other 90% of the time…

  10. How does the garden coach thing work? I live in a townhouse in Boise, Idaho. I garden in pots on the front steps as well as a bit in the front patch (which is actually landscaped by the HOA so it’s slightly guerrilla), and in a square foot garden on the large balcony. I am mostly interested in growing vegetables and herbs for fun, but aesthetics are nice as well. I suppose it’s quite a different climate than Renton? Do have issues with dry heat and wind on the balcony.

    • A Garden Coach typically comes to your home and counsels you on how to reach your gardening goals on an hourly basis Ruth. In your case, I would get connected with a bunch of online gardening communities as well as getting to know a local professional in your area. I will get you a couple of specific names of friends right in your area that you might be able to consult with either in person or via email. You local Master Gardeners can be great resources as well. So would a local nursery expert.

      The HOA thing can be tricky, however in my experience, the board normally looks the other way if your Guerrilla Gardening is both neat and tidy and adds VALUE to the property as a whole. The other tip is to get to know your maintenance crew. If you can get them to understand that the area you are playing in is not to maintained and you will take care of it, they can be great ally’s.

      Renton may as well be another planet from you my dear. 😉 Get back to you soon!

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