Book Review and Tool Give-Away Party: Indoor Plant Décor

Book Review: Indoor Plant Décor


by Kylee Baumle & Jenny Peterson

160 pages
St. Lynn’s Press, 2013
List Price: $16.95

This jewel of a book is not only a bountiful little purse-sized plant shopping companion to take with you to the greenhouse, it’s a style and inspiration powerhouse for your home’s houseplants. If you feel challenged by choosing plants for your home and bewildered by the array of choices, then Kylee and Jenny have your answers, by giving you the elements to succeed with 21st century charisma.

Starting with a guide to eight décor styles to springboard from, readers will begin to understand what they can do to create the comfortable and warm feeling that the houseplants bring to your home. From Peaceful Zen to Vintage, each styleboard has gorgeous images and décor style ideas provide you with tips, tricks,  how-to’s and care instructions to bring your design ideas to life. Plus, they have taken great care to give options for low maintenance plants as well as options for those of you who are not afraid of a plant Diva or two.

Indoor Plant Décor really takes the idea of customizing your houseplant displays to another level of inspiration. With emphasis on textures, colors and home décor in addition to plant selection, this book takes a holistic approach to interior landscaping. Artwork, fabrics, lighting, flooring and more go into each carefully considered combination.


In the care and feeding of plants section titled Practical Matters, Kylee and Jenny begin with the admission that they too have also killed houseplants, like the rest of us. They offer enthusiastic encouragement up, its OK, keep trying, no guilt here. How refreshing!

The Houseplants at a Glance sections are genius, laid out according to the ease of maintenance with such group titles as Easy Breezy, Moderately Manageable, and Design Diva’s the reader will find options for every location in the house.

Whether your design style is simple, traditional or wacky, you are going be so inspired with the ideas in Indoor Plant Décor you will want to get in your car and immediately head to your local greenhouse for some new plants to dress up your home!


St. Lynn’s Press graciously supplied me with a copy of Indoor Plant Décor for my review but you can order your very own copy NOW on right here!

Kylee Baumle enjoys photographing gardens as much as she does tending to them. Her photos have been published in trade catalogs, garden magazines and books. She writes for several gardening publications, has a weekly local newspaper column on gardening and has appeared on America’s Web Radio show, America’s Homegrown Veggies, the web TV show, Garden World Report, and has been a guest host on the popular #gardenchat on Twitter. Kylee currently shares living space in rural Ohio with her husband, two cats, and over 200 plants in their house and conservatory.
Read Kylee’s great blog, Our Little Acre here!

Jenny Peterson lives in Austin, Texas. She is a landscape designer and freelance writer specializing in small spaces. Her deign work has bee featured in Garden Up! (Cool Springs Press, 2011) on vertical gardening, in Small-Space Container Gardens (Timber Press, 2012), and in Horticulture and Cottages & Bungalows magazines.  She is a horticulturist and a member of the Garden Designers Roundtable. She writes on her blog, J.Peterson Garden Design (www.jpetersongardendesign) and is a regional writer for
Read Jenny’s fabulous blog here!

Excited about designing with houseplants? Want to win a GREAT tool for helping to care for your new plants? YES you do! Leave a comment on this post and you are automatically entered to win this lovely watering can for your houseplants courtesy of Master Gardner!
(Give-Away is open to US residents only)

master gardner watering can

Master Gardner is giving away this adorable Stainless Steel Watering Can.

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43 thoughts on “Book Review and Tool Give-Away Party: Indoor Plant Décor

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  2. The book looks awesome–i definitely know how to over- and under-water houseplants. A cute watering can would help!

  3. Looks like another great book for me to order. I would really like to incorporate more succulents inside my this book would come in handy. Right now I have a beautiful Euphorbia, Haworthia and Pony Tail palm growing pretty well!

  4. That’s an interesting looking watering can. Pretty. Very excited about Kylee and Jen’s book. Thanks for participating.

  5. That looks like the perfect little watering can to assist me with watering in between those tight leaf spaces. I usually use a recycled water bottle, so this would really class things up.

  6. I have to have plants around me. In the Summer I am at the Beach in my Trailer and I have Orchids, Begonias, Philodendron, Rabbits Foot Fern, Pepperomia, Succulents etc. inside. Not to mention the ones outside. I have a little tiny Teapot to water inside only big enough to water2.plantsat a time. would love this one. :•)

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  8. You know, I have a glass light cover (one of those ones that’s flush with the ceiling) that I’ve been holding on to because I want to use it as a planter. I haven’t as of yet because I’m terrified that it’s going to concentrate the sun beams and set the mulch on fire. I may have to revisit it though…maybe if I spray-painted it, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  9. Oh, that is an awesome watering can! I have 3-4 levels of houseplants that that would work fabulously for!

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  11. I love being inspired by others’ creativity. I need to do a better job with my houseplants. Maybe this will help me!

  12. I would LOVE this gorgeous plant watering can, so would my houseplants. The book is a must have–great ideas.

  13. The book looks awesome. Just like your page. I can’t wait to read it. My houseplants are just scattered everywhere and I can use some design help

  14. How timely, Christina! My watering can just broke a few weeks ago and I hadn’t replaced it because I hadn’t found one to rival its shape and beauty. This watering can is gorgeous. Thanks for your wonderful ideas. I love, love your book, “Fine Foliage” as well as Kylee’s book. I’m redoing a garden now, so I have been incorporating many of your wonderful combinations in the plan.

  15. What an adorable watering can !! I have plants inside and out, citrus herbs and vegetables all waiting sorta patiently to be outside in the sunshine, its almost time here in NY !

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  17. Sounds like a book I need, I’ve killed more than my share of houseplants. I’ll give up the guilt, but would still like to keep more alive. Please enter my name for the cute watering can.

  18. What a darling watering can. I bet I wouldn’t get quite so much water everywhere if I had this type of tool.

  19. This is such a lovely watering can! I’m very excited to read the book and bring life to the empty spaces in my home. Crossing my fingers tonight!

  20. Hi. CONGRATS to Kylee and Jenny for the recent release of their book, Indoor Plant Decor. I think the hanging wall planters on the front cover are so cool. I’d like to do something like that in my livingroom.

    (I hope this comment doesn’t wind up being a duplicate comment. I thought I had left a comment the other day, but couldn’t find it in the comments. Thanks and have a great day!)

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