Garden Designers Roundtable – Celebrating Trees

The definition of Dendrolatry: Tree worship, refers to the tendency of many societies throughout history to worship or otherwise mythologize trees.

If that is true, then yes, I am hopelessly guilty. I admit it, I have had a close relationship with trees from a very young age. Trees have had a significant place in my life spiritually as well. But, then again, so has most of man for as long as we’ve been around. Here is a great link to learn more.


Whether it is because of their inherent elegance, grace and majestic beauty…



Or their winter interest….



Or Autumn color against a blue sky…

January 2012 iPhone Dump 025

Or magnificent flower…..


Foliage that can’t be denied…..





A conifer of striking color and dimension…..






Or simply a sacred place to rest and contemplate the world…

July 2011 Chanticleer 195

July 2011 Chanticleer 194

Trees are magical, mystical and ever present beauties that we dare not take for granted. They are the life blood of this amazing planet that give us the oxygen to fill our lungs, paint our hearts with color and shade and heat our homes.

Planting a tree is the ultimate act of positivity about the future.

Tattoo 2013

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20 thoughts on “Garden Designers Roundtable – Celebrating Trees

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  2. Our posts are similar and different Christina. Loved your Bloedel Reserve images. Happy to have been there to worship too! Is the Tat yours?

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  5. “Planting a tree is the ultimate act of positivity about the future.” – summed it all up! But, seeing both the views of plants graced by all your moisture and coolness (even Puget Sound creative hipster coolness:-), with some of the graphics and tattoo, it is a future to be made better.

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  7. Christina, One of my favorite things about selecting a tree to plant is that it really is an investment in the future. You need to take into account so many variables, And your photos show that when it’s done right a tree is a gift for many generations to come. What is the tree with those white flowers that look like a bow on top of a present!?!!

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