What Really Worked – My Favorite New Plant This Year

I suppose I should have amended that title to include “New to ME This Year” because many of you will say “What? – I’ve had that one for years!” It’s not really a new plant on the market at all. Its been around a while. But, I just haven’t warmed up to STOKESIA ‘Peachie’s Pick’ (or the Stokes Aster), until now.

Stokesia and Headshot
I think it was the foliage pairing that did it. And me being the “Fine Foliage” girl that I am, well…ya know! The fat lavender blooms looks so great with that soft coral edge of the Acalypha wilkesiana that it just made me fall in love. What a fantastic bloomer it’s turned out to be in late summer.

Here is some information to learn more about that fabulous Stokesia.

Now for more eye candy from other wonderful garden designers on what their favorite new plant was this season. Be sure to click on their links too and learn more!









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8 thoughts on “What Really Worked – My Favorite New Plant This Year

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  2. New-to-me is what counts. 🙂 Nobody resists ‘Peachy’s Pick’ forever. ( Why do they try?) I’ve heard that^ reaction many times, from those that finally gave in , and tried it. Maybe it’s the relief of seeing that it’s not a falling-down-drunk, like the rest of it’s clan? Glad you like it. 🙂
    For me this year, one was Rudbeckia subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’. I saw saw it last year,4′, and half burnt up, at Cornell Trial Gardens (~ all the rain missed Ithaca last year), and in pots, at 7’+. Planted it anyway, in a problem spot. This year it looks great, at 4.5′ , with a mixture of grasses. The post office required that the mailboxes be moved, so Henry will follow it in the spring. ( The mailboxes make the grass that they’re now into, look ridiculous.)

  3. I love Stokesia. When you cup a flower in your hand it’s like a giant piece of candy is resting there. I love the exact shade it turns when perfectly ripe. Thanks for the tips on Stokesia.

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