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A Summer Summary Garden Tour October 2, 2013

Except for one freeze that lasted two days this last winter, here in the greater Seattle area you could safely say that ours was the winter that never happened. Consequently, between the release of Fine Foliage in the spring, my own business and my nursery work, there was no real need for me to update much of my garden for spring and summer this year, it was looking pretty darn good.

Then, in the waning days of August, I received a call from a magazine wanting to come and shoot in my teeny-tiny garden and my containers in 10 days! Scurry, scurry, scurry, rally the troops, plant, plant, plant, clean, clean, clean!

It turned out better than I ever imagined and we celebrated with an impromptu party on a lovely August evening that coincided with my birthday. It couldn’t have been a more perfect gift!

Now as autumn has placed its boot firmly in the rain and mud, this short burst of wild activity, color and enjoyment of the garden is now at its end and I trudge damply toward the clean up and pre-winterization of the garden and containers.

The one thing I did promise myself however, was that I would post a summer wrap-up of the finished (When is it ever finished?) garden for this season to share all of the hard work my friends and I put it in, in such a short time frame.

My special thanks go to Heather Little Bradley and Ryan LaPointe for their invaluable contributions in such a mad-cap few days!

Now, as it fades into the cool, low light of the shorter, wetter days of fall, I can move on to appreciating it in a whole new way. At least until chaos reigns again this spring. Plans are already brewing!๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the wrap-up! Click on photos to enlarge.





































I hope this end of summer garden wrap-up tour inspired you to plan for spring and summer in your own garden for 2014. Unfortunately there are just too many plants here to list them all by name, but if you want any specifics, I am happy to oblige.

If you would like to look at more photos like these, join me on my Facebook page by clicking here.ย  We have fun there learning all kinds of stuff!


21 Responses to “A Summer Summary Garden Tour”

  1. […] Except for one freeze that lasted two days this last winter, here in the greater Seattle area you could safely say that ours was the winter that never happened. Consequently, between the release of…  […]

  2. Nita-Jo Says:

    WOW! No wonder BHG wanted to photograph your garden! I’m doing a planting combinations lecture at the 2014 NWF&G show. If I give you design and photo credit, would you mind if I use some of these photos?

  3. Janit Calvo Says:

    I’m totally inspired, Christina! Preparing for a garden renovation this winter – and using this as my inspiration of course. Wonderful job!

  4. Barbara Bach Says:

    Completely. Awesome.

  5. Dee Says:

    That’s some great foliage! But, of course it is. You are the foliage queen.

  6. Kathie Says:

    Christina, I am really proud of you and your gardening talent. What beautiful photos of your wonderful garden. You did hard work to make it so perfect and that is soooooo hard to do to make foliage perfect. Love you so much. Mom

  7. Jim Jester Says:

    Fantastic my friend…absolutely fantastic!!!

  8. Thanks for this, Christina. Beautifully developed and photographed! Just delish.

  9. Alison Says:

    Christina, Is that a decomposed granite patio? I love the streak of river rock running through it. I love that second to last foliage combo too, it’s just perfect!

    • Yes it is Alison, it’s a color called “Buckskin”, the river rock was actually a happy accident. I just bought the cutest little concrete succulents to nestle down in those rocks. They’re coming from Detroit Garden Works, I’m SO excited!!

  10. Kathy Juracek Says:

    Christina, You’re amazing! Beautiful presentations!!

  11. So tidy and rich with color. Love the stone patio with inset of black. Bet it looks even slicker when it rains…kudos!

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