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Wordless Wednesday- The Nordstrom of Autumn Color October 16, 2013



October 2011 Foliage and Blooms 100

October 2012 Mitch Evans Garden 028

October 2012 Mitch Evans Garden 110


October 2012 Mitch Evans Garden 134


7 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday- The Nordstrom of Autumn Color”

  1. Gardens by You and Me Says:

    Stunning! Love your photography!

  2. sharon Says:

    oh man I wiah I acould grow these

  3. Beautiful! I have always loved Japanese Maples and these are great species, especially the Coral Bark and Full Moon Maples…gorgeous! Glad to have found you-now following🙂

  4. Helene Says:

    Wow, some beautiful autumn colours you have captured, I found you through Jennifer’s blog (Three dogs in a garden), I think I need to spend some time here on a rainy day, so much interesting to see! Here in London, the autumn colours haven’t really arrived yet, we are enjoying nice, warm weather with the occasional shower just about every day.

    • Helene,
      Welcome to the virtual Northwest! I’m so grateful you found me. Here in Seattle it’s been briskly cool and foggy, but no rain except for a couple brief storms. So, that has equaled amazing color.
      I strive to make the blog juicy with pics. I hope to hear from you often!

  5. Autumn is a wonderful season! I have just been out today and I could not resist playing with the colourful leaves!🙂

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