Wordless Wednesday 1/18/12 – Lichen It

Lichen on a tree in my snowy neighborhood yesterday.

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 1/18/12 – Lichen It

  1. Feeling the blues cuz it didn’t seem like much happening to appreciate enough to get me out in the yards prompted me to cruise the web looking for ideas when Spring finally returns . . . low and behold I stumbled across this site and blog and had to reconsider my dismal perspecive on my yard. And now again, I see that I need to look even closer to find those moments that merit my inspection and appreciation. thanks.

  2. AGREED! I spend quite a bit of Coaching time explaining to clients why they need to leave them alone. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship that through electron microscopes and such we are only learning the tiniest bit about now. There’s a whole universe in that tiny speck. 🙂

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