Grand November Day In The Garden

THIS is one day in the garden that I am thrilled to be able to document today. The quality of the light made the fall colors quite extraordinary.

Today is one of those stunning fall days that we all have to make note of when we have unending rain, snow or dreary gray skies that will be here very soon. Or technically already should be here. 🙂

I’m home sick today with some kind of crud that has had me down for 5 days now. But, NOTHING was going to stop me from going out in my jammies to get pics of the garden today. NOTHING!

As I sit here at my desk writing this, the sun is hitting my back, it’s a little hot. Maybe that’s a fever talking.

I wanted you to be able to see what I saw this morning. It was glorious, I hope you think so too!

12 thoughts on “Grand November Day In The Garden

  1. Absolutely stunningly beautiful. Wow! Great pictures.

    In the Netherlands we also experience extraordinary sunny weather with great temperatures. The fall colors are adorable. I share my enthusiasm in writing on my blog.
    Let’s keep in touch. I follow you on twitter. My Twittername is @create_destiny.

    Get well soon! Warm regards, Mariëtte (your colleague gardencoach in The Netherlands)

    • Mariette,
      How nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words and get well wishes -SNEEZE! . We are kindred spirits in the garden to be sure. I will follow you back on Twitter my garden friend! 🙂

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